Sunday, 07 Februari 2016

Welcome to the website of the International Cadet Class Association

The Cadet Dinghy is the only International, two person, three sail, junior racing dinghy limited to sailors up to 17 years of age only.

Cadets in action

A strictly one design boat designed by Jack Holt in 1947 for junior sailors. Made in wood and glass fibre the boat is deliberately too small for adults to sail. It has main and jib sails with a symmetrical spinnaker and all the control lines associated with a performance dinghy. A number of International Sailors and Olympic Medalists have sailed Cadets and have been World Champions in the class.

The objectives of the International Cadet Class Association are:

  • To administer the International Cadet Class in accordance with ISAF requirements and to maintain the class rules.
  • To promote the Cadet dinghy and National Cadet Class Associations internationally.
  • To support and defend the interests of sailors and/or sport associations owning the Cadet.
  • To establish Guidelines for the International Cadet Class World and Continental Championships and determine where these championships shall be held.
  • To supervise and license Cadet boat-builders all over the world to maintain the Cadet as a one design dinghy.